for all people who want to make the world a better place.

you are your only limit...

to make an impact on this planet

eco freindly and recyceld clothing

"We have the responisbility to look after our planet. it's our only home."

- dalai lama

Laura KNörle

this is me, a girl with big dreams and the desire to make the world a better place.
i believe that life can be the greatest it can be when we overcome our limits and strech our comfort zone. i try to push me out there as oftren as possible so i am overcoming my biggest fear right now. starting this company with only 19 years old. the journey just began and i hope we can share it togehter.

next to that i want to demonstrate against the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards. the clothing industry is one of the most environmentally damaging industRy. with a familiar product I want to raise awareness and take action towards climate change.

our products

organic and recycled matrials

plasitc free package

sustainable printing

reduced carbon

fair wages

5% of profit goes toward marine coservation

don't limit youreslf or let the world limit you

Once a week we send you stories that are worth sharing. Tips and experiences about overcoming your limits, being happy and giving back.

every Friday. short and simple. no spam or trying to sell you stuff you don’t need to pollute our planet. 

goodness only. 
you are your only limit.

now go out and create your story.

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